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           Welcome to Crystalchrome, a personal website containing all manner of (presumably) interesting subject matter, some of the content original, and some of the subject matter inspired by all manner of various odd topics - odd topics are the very best kind, after all.
           First and foremost many of the pages on this site may have the tendency to merge subject matter. My art tends to intrude on other areas, for example - so although I'm putting a lot of focus on clean organization, anyone who has seen my website's past incarnations will know that organization is not my strong point.
           At any rate, this site contains a little about this site's creator, a gallery of art and explanation on commissions, eventually it may contain personal fiction though for now it's a good place to shamelessly plug my favorite roleplaying games, and it'll also have a little on the academics I'm focused in. Finally, there will be links - oh, will there ever be links!
           Because I like links.
All art, graphics, and works of fiction are © by Raina Kuptz, 2005 unless otherwise noted.