I am a graphic designer based in Michigan and specialize in print media, logo design and web design.

To me, simplicity plays a very important role in design. Less is always more. I find that most of the time a design evolves, adapts and breaks down into the simplest form all by itself.

Good design can help teach. It can provoke a feeling. It can urge people to understand and and it can allow people to see something in a different way. It can grab attention, or it can have the power to make a bold statement with a quiet delivery that stays with you...

Design impacts our daily lives. Design is everywhere. It influences our everyday choices and we can use it to help express ourselves or as a representation of our personality. All design has the power to inspire, and existing design and art through the ages has had a huge influence on me. I love to learn more and more about design. Research is always a key element to every project, and keep my eyes open on a daily basis and notice the world around me to not only gain inspiration, but also looking for how to approach something in a better way.